Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find if the library the resources I need for my research?

Answer: The Library has almost a thousand family histories. Use our catalog and limit one's search to Shenandoah Room. For better results, it is recommended you replace "Author" search option with "Any Field".

2. What do the Truban Archives contain?

Answer: The Truban Archives contains a large amount of documents and artifacts detailing the history of Shenandoah County. These include letters, newspapers, photographs, postcards, government records, and ephemera. These items appear on our catalog with Shenandoah Room items. Their catalog prefix is AR.

3. What is the Morrison Photograph Collection?

Answer: The Library houses albums containing copies from the original glass plate negatives from this Woodstock photographer that now belong to the Shenandoah County Historical Society. Patrons are encouraged to browse these albums in the Shenandoah Room to help identify the subjects. Forms on which to record identifications are available. In the future there will be an index of the entire collection.

4. What Newspapers are available for use?

Answer: The Shenandoah Room retains a large collection of local newspapers dating from the 19th century. These include the Woodstock Herald, Shenandoah Valley, Shenandoah Herald, Edinburg Sentinel, The Free Press, The Northern Virginia Daily, and the Shenandoah Valley Herald. We also maintain a large clippings file organized by subject headings.

5. How does one research Property Records here?

Answer: 1) There are surveys of historic property done both in 1985 and in 1994. The index is by either the old name of the property or the name of the owner at the time the survey was done. These are available to patrons 2) The Library'€™s microfilm collection includes Shenandoah County land tax records from 1782-1850 and personal property tax records from 1782-1850. 3) Gilbreath'€™s abstract Deed Book Series A-Z, 1772-1820 ( 929.375595 GILBREATH) includes information on Shenandoah County. 5) Microfilm collection includes Northern Neck Land Surveys for Shenandoah County from 1749 to 1779.

6. What can only be found at the County Courthouse?

Answer: Located there are all property records for titles searches of land and buildings and original documents related to property and other vital records.

7. How does one search for Obituaries of local residents?

Answer: 1) Start your search by using the library system's subscription to the database. 2) Stickley's™s three volumes, Someone You Knew: Necrology: Shenandoah County Virginia Obituaries (929.375595 STICKLEY)

8. What local Marriage records are available?

Answer: The microfilm collection includes Shenandoah County marriage records from 1772 to 1912. Also see Ashby'€™s Marriage Bonds 1772-1850 (929.375595 ASHBY), Borden'€™s Marriages 1772-1882 (929.375595 BORDEN), and Vogt'€™s Marriages, 1772-1850 (929.375595 VOGT). Other marriage records prior to 1853 are available at county's circut courthouse. Many marriage records can be found on

9. What records of local Wills & Estates does the Library have?

Answer: See Torrence'€™s Virginia Wills and Administration 1632-1800 (929.3755 TORRENCE), Pippenger'€™s Index to Virginia Estates 1800-1865 (929.3 PIPPENGER), and Gilreath's Shenandoah County Abstract of Wills 1772 to 1850 (929.375595 GILREATH).

10. How can one research Birth and Baptism records?

Answer: There is a Shenandoah County Index of Births and Baptisms (929.375595 PAINTER), Birth Registry, Shenandoah County 1853-1871 by (929.375595 BUCK), and Shenandoah Co., Virginia: birth records of free born children 1853-1871 (929.375595 RISDON). Also see

11. Other than the Census data available on, what Census data does the Library have?

Answer: The microfilm collection includes Shenandoah County census records from 1790 to 1920 and Virginia Slave Schedules for 1850 and 1860. The print collection includes Van's six-volume study of the Shenandoah County 1860 census and one volume on the 1870 census. There are print materials specifically about the 1810-1840 Shenandoah County censuses and numerous volumes on 19th century Virginia censuses that include Shenandoah County data (929.375595).

12. What is the MAGS Collection?

Answer: The Shenandoah Room houses the library of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society. The collection is shelved separately on the north wall of the room. Members of he society have borrowing privileges.

13. What cemetery records are available?

Answer: Heishman's two volumes (Shenandoah County, VA Cemetery Records 929.575595 SHENANDOAH) are the best source for county cemetery records. Also see Borden and Ritenour'€™s Tombstone Inscriptions (929.575595 BORDEN) and Black Cemeteries Kipp(New Market), Mt. Jackson Colored, and Riverview (Woodstock) by Daniel Warrick, Burruss II (SR 929.575595 BURRUSS).

14. What does the collection contain about African-Americans in the county?

Answer: There is an extensive collection of African American Records. Many of these have been compiled into a series of reference notebooks by Nancy Stewart. Each contains birth records, slave schedules, and mentions of African Americans in local documents.

15. What are the best sources for general background on early settlers in Shenandoah County?

Answer: Start with Wayland'€™s History of Shenandoah County (975.595 WAY). Then consult Swem'€™s 2-volume Virginia Historical Index (016.9293755 SWEM), Couper's History of the Shenandoah Valley (975.59 COU), Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia (929.375591 CHALK), Kegley'€™s Virginia Frontier (975.5 KEG), and O'€™Dell's Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia (929.375592 ODELL).

16.Where can I find information on Virginia Land Grants?

Answer:Gray's Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 4 parts (975.52 GRAY), Nugent's Cavaliers and pioneers: abstracts of Virginia land and patents and grants 1623-1800 - 8 volumes (929.3755 NUGENT), and Fuller's Original Land Survey Atlas of Shenandoah County 1739-1850 (large book kept on table).