Shenandoah Room Collections

The collections in the Shenandoah Room and Truban Archives reflect the history of Shenandoah and the immediately surrounding counties. Both primary and secondary sources are easily accessible. They include church and school records, birth, marriage and death records, wills and indentures, yearbooks, Bibles, telephone directories, tax and census records, Shenandoah County Fair Programs and other data. 

Photographs, maps, drawings, newspapers and magazines relating to the history of residents of Shenandoah Valley are represented.

Rare books on the geography, geology, flora and fauna are also available.

Over 1000 family histories for current and former residents of Shenandoah County are in the collection.

We house a collection of books from the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society.

MAGS Website | MAGS Title List.

Selected Collection Lists:

Photo Collections
Maps & Surveys
Family Histories
Courthouse Records
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