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Acceptable Use Policy
Policy for Monitoring & Voluntary Disclosure
Electronic Monitoring & Disclosure Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Internet use is a free service provided to patrons. This unregulated information source offers access to a wealth of information beyond that contained in our collections and enhances the research potential for our patrons. The Library provides Internet computers for library-related learning, research and information. All patrons are expected to use this resource in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided and in compliance with state and federal statutes.
The Library System can’t guarantee protection of its patrons from materials they may find offensive. In accordance with the Commonwealth’s laws, all public access computers are filtered in an effort to block access to and display of sexually explicit material. The Code of Virginia bans the display of child pornography, obscene materials, and material harmful to children. To further protect children, other categories are filtered on computers designated for use by patrons under age 17.
All cardholders who wish to use the Library System’s public access computers must sign the Library’s Internet User Agreement by which they agree to abide by this policy. Patrons under 17 must also have their parent or guardian sign the agreement. The Library recognizes four categories of Internet users: (1) Library cardholders who are age 17 and over who will use filtered Adult computers. (2) Patrons age 15 and 16 will use JUV computers, except where YA computers are available. (3) Patrons less than 15 years of age will use JUV computers. (4) Visitors who present a photo ID and proof of age 17 and agree to abide by the Library’s Acceptable Use policy are allowed access to Adult computers for up to thirty minutes per day.
Other conditions of use include:
• As the provider of WiFi access, the Library requires all users of this service both to register and to agree to abide by the Library’s Acceptable Use Policy. The Shenandoah County Library System will provide WiFi access at all of its locations. During hours of operation, all locations will require patrons to show their library card so that the staff can verify the patron has agreed to the system’s Acceptable Use Policy. All visitors will be required to read and agree to the same. Some locations provide access only during hours of operation, and these locations require all users to obtain a slip with an access code. Other locations provide access outside of the building 24 X 7. However, all WiFi access will come through a WiFi filter at the County Library that filters content according to CIPA regulations..
• Requesting Internet access by presenting a library card is acknowledgement of the statement set forth in the Internet User Agreement.
• Should one using an Adult public access computer for bona fide research or other lawful purposes find access to a legal site blocked, he/she can request the filter be removed by writing down the topic and the blocked site’s URL and handing it to a member of the library staff. A staff member or volunteer, designated by the Library Board to remove the filter, will provide access to the requested site.
• Using library equipment to violate copyright law both subjects one to civil remedies and criminal penalties under federal law and to loss of library privileges.
• Alteration of software or hardware is not permitted.
• Printing off the Internet costs fifteen cents per page. Where available, color copies are fifty cents. Please ask for staff assistance before printing.
• Patrons with blocked status or an outstanding recall item will be denied use of library computers.
• Internet access time is limited to sixty minutes per day per patron.  Locations with PC Reservation allow an additional hour.
• Those who violate this Acceptable Use Policy will be banned from all future use of the system's public access computers.
• On an annual basis County Library staff members sign Shenandoah County’ Computer Network and Internet Access Policy. All volunteers in the library system who use the library workstations must sign the Library’s Acceptable Use Policy regardless of whether or not they are going to use a public access computer.

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Policy for Monitoring & Voluntary Disclosure

While it is the policy of our library to respect the privacy of patrons pursuant to this state’s library confidentiality statute, it is also the responsibility of the library to protect its electronic systems from unauthorized or criminal use and to make appropriate referrals to federal and state law enforcement authorities. In general, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act permits an “electronic communication service” provider to the public and a “remote computer service” provider to the public to monitor their system for management purposes and to make voluntary disclosures of content and other information in the following very limited circumstances: As necessary to protect the property of the provider; if related to the commission of a crime; or if related to an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury.

Accordingly, it is the policy of this library that we do not monitor on a routine basis the use by patrons or staff of our electronic systems. The library, however, does reserve the right (1) to monitor as necessary to manage and protect its systems from unauthorized or criminal use, and (2) to make voluntary disclosure to federal and state law enforcement and national security authorities as deemed appropriate by library management and counsel.

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Electronic Monitoring & Disclosure Policy

The Shenandoah County Library System’s computer workstations and network system is for authorized members of the public and is subject to the rules on our Acceptable Use Policy. This Library system does not routinely inspect, monitor or disclose content but may do so in the course of system management and maintenance. Accordingly, your use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring and you are advised that any evidence of criminal activity identified by the monitoring process, including communications content and transmission details, will be disclosed to law enforcement and national defense agencies as appropriate. In addition, any individuals found to be using the network in excess of their authority or contrary to the library’s Acceptable Use Policy are subject to the penalties stated in the Acceptable Use Policy and to having all of their activities on the system monitored and recorded to ensure subsequent compliance with policy.

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